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What to expect for your pup(s) first day: 

Prior to your pup(s) first day:

Before your pup(s) first day, please have a Gingr profile created, updated vaccinations uploaded, and waivers signed. 

When you arrive:

When you arrive for your first day, please ensure to arrive between 7am-8am and call us at 604-244-9464 from the comfort of your car. Wait to be directed by staff when it is your turn to come up the path and onto the deck. Do not exit your vehicle and wait outside of your car before your spot in line or enter the office as we cater to reactive and stranger danger pups as well. 

What to bring:

Please ensure that your pup has a flat clip collar on with no hanging items, tags, or choker style set ups as this can be hazardous during playtime and will result in an extra $5 collar rental charge. Please also bring a regular leash as we do not allow flexi leashes due to safety when an excited pup leaves for the day. If bringing lunch, please do so in a disposable bag as we do not accept returnable items due to the risk of misplacement and damage. Please also do not bring kennels, toys, blankets, or other items that may cause your pup to guard their belongings. 

How long is their first day?

For a first day, we typically recommend a half day of daycare which is >6 hours. However, we are closed between 12-1pm so the pups can have an undisturbed rest and lunch hour, so pickup prior to 12 or after 1pm is best!

At pickup:

As with arrival, please call in the parking lot and wait to be directed by staff when it is your turn to come up the path and onto the deck. A staff member will come out onto the deck with your pup leashed up and tell you all about their first day! We also upload pictures daily on our Instagram and Facebook page, so you can expect to see a first day post of your pup, however as some pups are a bit too nervous on their first day with their photos being taken, we avoid doing so to make sure that they feel most comfortable at our facility.

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