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Our Newest Guests

Our Newest Guests
Welcome! Dexter
Dexter came in today with the biggest smile, like daycare was always his second home but really it’s his first day! Absolutely everyone in the yard fell in love with your spunk and kindness. We are so thankful to have you join our wacky little crew and we are so excited to watch you on your new daycare adventures
Our Newest Guests
Welcome! Patches - Poodle
The Owner mark says: 7 Years old and full of energy. Loves to cuddle. Amazing friend great personality!
Our Newest Guests
Welcome! Baxter - Boxer
Sandy the owner says "most loving dog in the world, completely makes you forget he drools so much LOL"

Google Reviews

Phoebie K
This place is an awesome daycare to take your puppy to. The staff are well trained to take care of and respond to any (minor) behavioral problems your dog might have and they also give you advice to help fix them as well. The prices are incredibly fair with different rates for full/half day. The dogs alternate their time outside, so they get an hour of play and an hour of rest. If your dog is on a special diet you can bring their food and the staff will help you feed. Be aware that you do need to take your dog for a trial run to see if they're a good fit for the daycare before you can actually start checking them in regularly.
Kimmy Chen
Awesome Staff. Good price. My puppy loves going there. The new owner is great and always so cheerful. Love playful pups.
Stephen Kwong
Friendly staff that really care for your best friends and you can have a peace of mind that they are having a good time during the day.
Derrick Tam
My rescue pup, Dyson, has come a long way since we got him from from the pound and I believe taking him to Playful Paws was a big part of this. At first he was a little apprehensive around other dogs, but just having him at Playful Paws once a week has helped his confidence greatly. He now enjoys his walks at the multiple dog parks in Richmond, on and off leash. He's still a little wary of his larger cousins, but he knows he can avoid them instead of confronting them. One happy pupper-customer for sure.
Tea Mihaila
Super helpful & friendly staff. They also carry raw dog food, which was great for my pup because we feed him raw and they had it in stock so I didn't have to bring his food from home for the time he was boarding there.
Derek Cheng
An awesome daycare to take your dog to. The staff and the owner are well trained to takes care of your dog. Even though my dog at the end didn't fit well with them, I still highly recommend to try them out if you are looking for a daycare for your dog.
Ryan Beauchamp
Great amazing people who look after my pup like my own. Highly recommend them to anyone in the area. Their outside area is great for all the dogs